Does apple make camera device?

At the era of smart device and gadget, Apple is a most familiar name. User and non-user, most of the updated persons, are known about the company. They have various kind of smart device. Like iPhone, iPad, iPod even MacBook. Few day age they present iWathch also. But over all of the thing, there is a common controversy that, does Apple make camera yet?? Few of A lot of apple lovers will have their answer today.

So does Apple makes camera commercially?

The answer is not. Apple does not make camera commercially. They does not produce DSLR or digital camera. But they produce drone camera and camera parts. And they have a technical team for the camera. The team is working on improving camera systems of their device like iPhone, iPad or other.
Apple drone camera

Apple does not have that product yet

  • DSLR camera
  • Digital camera
  • CCTY camera
  • Smart TV

The company uses their own operating system on their devices. In future, if they are thinking about to make or produce camera or DSLR camera, they must use their operating system on the device. But the fact is there are no DLSR or another quality camera, what is operated by any operating system. And probably Apple are not interested in making the camera. Even they does not brief any news about that yet.