Sony S1 & S2 Tablet PCs

The Sony Group’s concentration can be categorized into four major sectors: Electronics (such as AV/IT products and gears), Game (such as PlayStation), Entertainment (such as film productions and music), and Financial Services (such as insurance and banking). Sony remains globally unique as they uphold their commitment to touch and inspire their customers emotionally by offering them a wide array of businesses and products sealed with guaranteed total quality satisfaction.
In their last official media release, it was announced that Sony will be releasing two brand new tablet PCs, namely the S1 and S2 tablets. Both machines will run on Android 3.0 Honeycomb. These tablet PCs are planned to be released sometime in the third quarter of this year, so many consumers are waiting patiently to get their hands on these tablet machines.

Sony enters the Tablet PC market

The S1 model has a sporty look and provides an asymmetric centre of gravity, which means that the weight of the device is closer to the hand, rather than its centre. Consumers will love this unique feature because they will be able to hold the S1 for longer periods of time since more weight is directed on the hand and not over the wrist. It also has a front-facing camera that you can use to take photos of yourself and other people around you. This model comes with a 9.4 inch screen and it is fully compatible with many Bravia products, so it can also be used as a remote for these television sets.
The S2 model, on the other hand, presents a dual-screen display, similar to the design of the much talked about Kyocera Echo & Acer Iconia Laptop. Both screens are measured diagonally at 5.5 inches each and they each provide multi-touch support. And just like the other model, the S2 also has a front-facing camera that can be used for capturing your memorable moments.

These Android 3.0-powered machines are expected to challenge the iPad2 when they get released, and what competition that would be. iPad2 has been very dominant product in the market, but these interesting models driven by Honeycomb might have the magic to change all that. Let’s just wait and see when the competition begins at the latter part of this year!