Google glass price in Bangladesh and configuration

Now a day google is not a search engine. They also have lots of physical product. Today we are going to discuss google glass price in Bangladesh marketer. On this article, we are also adding the detail and configuration of the glass. It looks like a sunglass but the optical system is improved with google OS. And it will make a view, what will help you control the device.

Google glass price in Bangladesh currently

At the current time the price the product few low. You can get google glass price in Bangladesh at 380000 taka. At before the price was pretty high and that is the reason people didn't buy this device. By that way, the project of google glass was getting the loss. Hope in Bangladeshi price of google glass will go to less.

Google glass price in Bangladesh

Google glass configuration and detail

The google glass is produced by and operated by google OS. The lance of the glass is changeable. The leisure brim is stated on the left panel of the glass, and its help you to watch the view.  Check below to know about the configuration of the google glass.

  • Outlook: the glass looks like regular sunglass. The lance is Cristal and there is no optical power added. But the user can insert the black glass on the place of crystal glass. 
  • Memory: Device needs memory to process all work. There are 2GB Ram and 16GB device memory. Not system are available to expand the memory using chip memory card. 
  • Camera: A camera is added on the front part of the device. You can do both, like take the image or record the video by the camera. it is a 5-megapixel camera. And it able to capture 720ip video. 
  • Battery: the battery of the device are chargeable. 570mAh battery here.  

After providing all those facilities, the google glass price in Bangladesh is not really high. But there is few problem. That Bangladeshi people are not rich to afford the price. That why they do not ready to face this price. The company should less the price.